Wedding Planner Documentations

There are choices
Wedding ceremonies in Cyprus are all legal and recognized throughout the world.
All ceremonies are conducted in English and marriage certificates issued in English.
So what choices are available
1. Civil Wedding (either Town Hall or in the hotel venue).
2. Anglican Church Ceremony
3. Catholic Church Ceremony
4. Orthodox Church Ceremony
For all types of ceremonies you will need:-

Birth certificates for both Bride & Groom
Passports for Bride & Groom. Passport photocopies of both passports plus for
the two witnesses, if you do not have witnesses this can be arranged in Cyprus.
The originals may be asked for when finalizing the wedding date, if the witnesses
are not arriving until later this still does not propose a problem.
Decree Absolute. (If either party has been married before) This has to be the original document.
Death Certificate. (If either party is widowed) and previous Marriage Certificate.
Affidavits one for each Bride & Groom. Declaration of being single, from their country’s origin.
These declarations (or certificates) can be obtained from the registry office / parish registry,
the Ministry of the Interior (Home Office) or Foreign Ministry (Foreign Office) of their countries
or even from their Embassies. The documents must be translated into Greek or English. Applicants
who are holders of UK passports can obtain their affidavits in resort at a charge of €50.00 per
person approximately from the Supreme Court, and will also cost you the price of a taxi there
and back or from a lawyer in England. The translated documents must be certified and signed by
the abovementioned legal persons. Also remember that Cyprus has many Bank Holidays and the courts
may be closed, so we would always recommend you have them with you.
For persons living in Cyprus for more than 8 months and/or are holders of a residential or work
permit (pink slip) of for persons marrying to Cypriots must obtain apart form the paperwork mentioned
above a Confirmation for being single/divorced certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior Nicosia.
In order to apply for this certificate you first need an affidavit signed and counter signed by the
Supreme Court in Cyprus which needs to be taken together with your passport, pink slip and your partner’s
passport. The cost of the above certificate costs €50.00 and can take up to 14 working days to be issued.
Certificates of Thalassemia. Cypriots wishing to have a civil wedding must produce Thalassemia
certificates either from a state or private doctor.
Teenagers Under 18 years of age.
Persons who have completed their 16th year of age can be allowed to marry only with their parents’
or legal guardians’ permission. A written consent (in the form of an affidavit stamped by a solicitor)
to this effect must therefore be presented which must be obtained from your own country again translated and signed.
In the event that there are no legal guardians then the consent of the Supreme Court of Cyprus is needed.
NOTE: the written consent is made in the presence of the Mayor.

Church Ceremony
Anglican Ceremony Baptism Certificate for at least one of either Bride or Groom (You must bring with you
the full details of your local Priest/Church)
Catholic Ceremony Baptism Certificate for both Bride and Groom.

Please remember that all original documents are to be presented at the Town Hall when licenses are applied for.

You are required to obtain from your embassy or Minister of Interior a Certificate of no impediment,
without this the wedding will not take place.

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